Let’s talk about the Cloud…

2012-04-10 12.53.51As my friends at @M3Health reminded me in an earlier comment. The content model is only as good as the datacenter where it’s hosted. Netflix had some outages over the 2012 holiday season that resulted in downtime for most of the east coast when the east coast was likely to notice, during Christmas break. The interesting thing about the outage was nobody seemed to care that it was Amazons cloud server that caused the outage, all the outrage was squarely aimed at Netflix. I guess this is a good lesson in customer service  the public doesn’t care why they couldn’t see Breaking Bad, they just want to see it! Hey Netflix, is it time to build your own infrastructure too?

One thought on “Let’s talk about the Cloud…

  1. Thanks for the nod Mike. Your point is valid, ultimately, no one seems to care what effect the “Intel inside” has. No one faults the third party provider that built the lithium ion batteries in the Boeing Dreamliner, Boeing took the hit. Big picture strategy dictates that ultimately, if you’re responsible for the end product, you’re also responsible (one way or another) for every individual component. Its the end experience that resonates, not the component parts. One of the challenges to the “a la carte” approach to so many things is just that. How to enforce a consistent experience in a heterogeneous product/environment?

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