The drones are coming!

Drone-Technology-For-Productive-UseIf you are paying attention to the media, it seems like every other news item is about drones. There are military drones, Department of Homeland Security drones,  personal drones and drones just for fun.  All the cool ones can fly, some need human intervention to get around, others are more autonomous. Some give the operator a birds eye view of their surroundings others merely record everything the encounter for later viewing. The use case for drones spans from recreational, through practical to the downright sinister. It will be important for us to follow these developments closely, as the outcome will shape the future of privacy in the US. What started out as a technology only the military could produce and afford has become accessible to anyone. While this usually is the sign of a good thing ( i.e. GPS).  In this case, I’m not sure.  What do you think? Too soon to tell? Or already too late?

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