Conference calls in the mobile era

Screenshot_2_9_13_5_53_PMSome people would argue that the conference call is one of the banes of the modern work force. It is a needed tool that is required more today because of the growing virtual workforce. While there are new many new tools (Basecamp, Skype, Facetime, Google Docs, Evernote and many more) that allow us to collaborate and work on projects remotely, the traditional conference call simply does not want to die.  When the east coast was slammed with two feet of snow on Friday February 9th 2013, most of my day was spent on conference calls. The one thing that was very evident was that it was harder than it should be to set the call up and get everyone that you needed loaded in. I found an interesting app called UberConference, (not to be confused with Uber, the ride sourcing app that I love) it is a free conference call tool ( $10/Mo for Pro) that has social links built in. I gave it a shot to see if it could stand up to the old favorites like WebEx and was pleasantly surprised. It’s more of a freemium offering, as the free version is missing some key features. UberConference decided that in order for their service to really work the social media aspect must be embraced, and consequently, if you link  your social accounts like FaceBook and LinkedIn you will be rewarded with more free features. To setup a call I merely used the UberConference app on my smartphone to choose from my contacts who needed to be on the call and picked a date and time. Once this was complete, an email was  automatically sent with that info to the attendees and I was pretty much done… As an added benefit if the participant called in from the number that was in my contacts, there would not be a PIN number to enter, they were just on the call, nice!  One other very useful feature is their integration with Evernote. After my UberConference was over, I received a detailed note on who was on the call and some stats like, how much talking was done by the various attendees (nothing surprising about who that was on my call at least). I could append the note with my own information describing what went on during the call or whatever other info would be useful. All very useful and productive features, and most importantly they were all automatic, all I did was link the accounts the rest was seamless. I’m going to keep using UberConference and to see if it makes working remotely any easier. If you would like to give it a try, use this link: , it will give me access to more premium features and I will review them here! Have fun.

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