Why do so many Russian drivers have dashboard cameras?

imgresWhen the meteor over Russia began to burn up over the Urals, its re-entry was recorded by a driver’s dashboard camera.   My first reaction to the meteor video was amazement that one, it happened on the day when another asteroid was making a close flyby, and two it was captured on a dashboard camera. What are the odds that someone would be driving in the vicinity of the fireball and have a dashboard camera. I’d have said it was a small chance but I’d have been wrong.  When the second, third and fourth dashboard cam video made it online, I was suddenly wondering, why all the dash cams? Were they all Russian state troopers patrolling with their cameras on? It turns out, in Russia,  driving is very hazardous and motorists are fearful of attack, corruption, theft and even the police. The cams are a last-ditch effort to maintain order.    Mashable blogger Lance Ulanoff has a great post about the cams, it makes me think that road rage in the US isn’t that bad after all…

One thought on “Why do so many Russian drivers have dashboard cameras?

  1. While the situation in the US may be better, dash cams still prove invaluable in case of an accident, or even to keep track of memorable events i.e. wildlife, scenic routes, or a celebrity crossing the street in front of you.

    I compiled a couple of reviews of the best dash cams on the market right now, feel free to check it out on http://www.squidoo.com/dashcam-faq-all-about-dashboard-cameras (hope you don’t mind me sharing this here!)

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