Can Google’s project glass transform mobile computing, even if they make you look like a pirate?

imgresEver since Robocop made its film début, little boys everywhere wanted to have a heads up display on the world. It looks like the Google founders were no different, because project glass is just that. The idea of having the world be part augmented reality part cinema verite  has some very real advantages. For example imagine being able to navigate the streets of a foreign city without having to refer to a map on your phone while being able to snap photos and video along your journey. These are ideas that are very easy to visualize because they are a very pragmatic use of the technology. I’m interested in what will come from this technology, that’s not pragmatic but revolutionary. Much like what the internet did to every industry known to humanity. The one thing that may pose and problem for project glass is the way the glasses look. Part of Google’s effort to make the glasses more commonplace has been to make one of the founders wear the glasses anytime he’s out in public. While the glasses are somewhat sleek and svelte looking, I can’t help to think that Sergey looks a bit like a high-tech pirate with them on. I hope that looks won’t kill a project as potentially revolutionary as project glass… What do you think, will fashion get in the way of the Robocob revolution?

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