Can Apple change the way we think about watches?

imgresWith all the reports of Apple making an “iWatch“, I began to think about my first impression of the iPhone. I remember watching the live stream of the event on Apple’s website.  As Steve Jobs slowly unveiled the feature set and form factor of the the iPhone, I thought, this is what I have been waiting for. It was a mashup of a phone and a computer that before then, only lived in my imagination  Somehow Apple had gotten into my dreams and created what I wanted. The problem with an iWatch is I’ve never really thought about having a  watch do much more than tell time. When I was a kid, I had a Casio databank watch that allowed me to store contacts and phone numbers. Admittedly the cool factor was lost on some, but the usefulness was clear… I always had all my friends telephone numbers on me. Since this was before cell phones, it was a big deal. What would I want an Apple wrist wearable computer to do? Since testing out the UP band I can say that I would like a fitness tracker, and vibration alarm built-in, maybe a heart rate monitor? I may also like to have a more fully thought out sleep tracker. I can also see an iWatch extending my iPhone screen for texts and other alerts. These are all good combo uses of an iWatch, but what functionality would truly be revolutionary? What set of features would make this a market changing, must-have device? I guess we will have to wait and see, I hope they have something groundbreaking waiting to reveal. Apple needs a big win to reclaim their place as an innovative company post Steve Jobs. I hope they can do it.

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