Is the auto industry approaching a tipping point?

imgresAs you can tell from the abundance of blog posts about Tesla both on this blog and on the internet at large, many of us are interested in what Tesla has going on. Much of the interest on my part is focused on the new technology that is transforming how we drive. It has become clear recently that the industry is fighting these changes on every front. This seems to be the standard response to new ideas, (think digital music and the fight that nearly killed the music industry).
Not being an expert on the automotive industry I was surprised to find out that several lawsuits have been filed at the state level to block the direct sale of Tesla vehicles by Tesla to consumers. While I never really gave much thought to whom I was really buying a car from, it turns out that it wasn’t directly from the car manufacture, it was from an independent dealer.  A few Google searches later and it was clear that the independent dealership model is protected by state law. While I understand how this law came into existence, is it time for a change?  Tesla seems to think so, are they right? We’ll soon find out!

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