Google buys Nest! What does this mean for the consumer?


When I first read that Google bought Nest for nearly 3 billion dollars, my initial reaction was, I hope they don’t screw it up. Because, I really love my Nest thermostats. As I had more time to process the news, I began to worry that, based on Google’s history, I would somehow be participating in an experiment designed to prove just how much privacy the average Nest user would be willing to sacrifice for comfort and to save some energy. I also wondered would Nest have fared better being purchased by Apple? Then again, I don’t own an Android phone (all iPhone since trading in my Blackberry Bold) and I reluctantly use Chrome on my MacBook Air ( it’s really the only choice). Perhaps I’m biased against Google? and that’s why I had a negative reaction to Google buying Nest.  I’m sure there are many people equally biased against Apple, so that begs the question, would Nest been better off on their own ? I can see the benefit of being part of a huge data powerhouse like Google, but unless these benefits are passed along to the consumer, with out too big of a privacy hit, this deal may go down as a big mistake. I’m not a pessimist by nature so I’d like to see this work out beneficially for all parties. Let’s give this union a few months to solidify and then take another look to see what changes occur and what they mean for Nest, Google and most importantly the consumer.

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