Five reasons to use lists in your blog post titles

imgresDo you ever find yourself drawn to that link that screams at you ” 5 Weird Things You Can Eat to Lower Your Risk of Cancer”? Or maybe it’s “3 Things That You Do That Your Boyfriend Hates”? What’s the one thing in common with all these posts? It’s we are all suckers for a list. Whether you are interested in learning about fighting cancer or you really don’t understand why you keep getting dumped, the 2nd most alluring aspect in these posts are the list itself. The New Yorker has an interesting blog post about what makes things go viral, citing references as far back as Aristotle in 350 BC, its seems human nature hasn’t changes all that much. Whether you are giving a speech to the masses or blogging for a living what you have to say matters as much as what your title is. I’m sure book publishers knew this long ago, but it has never been more clearly demonstrated than on the internet. So, the next time you write an email or a blog post or a note to your wife, think about the title it may be more important than you realize. Oh and one more thing, make sure your body content supports the title, don’t just use it as a grabbing headline like I did, that really turns people off…

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