Did Samsung leap over Apple with the S4 and connected health devices?

urlYesterday Samsung announced the new Galaxy S4 smartphone. It has been called the iPhone killer, while this seems to be the news item most outlets are reporting. The real interesting thing that happened during the launch announcement was their introduction of a line of heath devices along with the phone. Is this Samsung’s attempt at jumping ahead of Apple in the iHealth arena? There has been a lot of speculation that Apple’s alleged iWatch is going to be a health monitor that connects to iPhones. This wouldn’t be the first time that Apple wasn’t first to innovate, take the original iPod for example. They took the  mp3 player and made the iPod, one might argue they are the same, but history has shown us that to the consumer they were not. Will this be a similar circumstance? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain. Consumers seem interested in self quantification and Samsung has decided to enter this market with the launch of their new flagship smartphone. Check out some of my earlier posts on self quantification here and